Hey art/wood lovers! My name is Sophia and I am the human behind Be The Sun Design Co.


First of all welcome! I am so dang happy you are here!

I am a Baltimore based Pyrographer (yes this is a fancy word for woodburner--don't be intimidated, I googled how to spell that), artist, thru hiker and reality TV aficionado.

I started woodburning in late 2018 and quickly became obsessed with this weird little hobby. Who would have thought putting a hot metal pen thing to wood could create so many beautiful things and such a great community #woodburnersunite.

I started sharing my art on instagram with friends and family and then as I gained more and more skills, I then slowly expanded into a real live business!

In 2021, I took a lil hiatus from woodburning and thru hiked the Appalachian Trail to raise $15,000 for Ulman Foundation and young adults with cancer and fulfil my lifelong dream of living in the woods for 6 months. While on trail, I missed making art more than anything (well maybe not showers. I really missed showers).

When I finished my hike, I decided that if I could hike 2,193.1 miles from Georgia to Maine, I could bet on myself and try to give this woodburning thing a go full time, so that brings us to where we are now!

In October of 2021, I went full time in my woodburning!

I am so excited to be able to spend my days creating art and doing this thing that makes me so happy.  AND YOU ARE THE REASON I CAN DO IT!! So really you, my friend, are the MVP here!


Other things to know about Be The Sun Design Co.


1. No lasers involved! All my woodburning pieces are made by hand!

2. I try to use predominantly reclaimed wood to lessen my environmental impact--aka I spend a lot of time picking through woodshop dumpsters

3. If it is wood--I can probably burn it! If you have an awesome idea for something you want me to create, shoot me a message! I love a good challenge!

4. I JUST LOVE WOODBURNING!!! I also love sharing woodburning, so if you have questions, are interested in a workshop or a private training session, please feel free to shoot me a message